We take pride in our world-class service

I was contacted by Brad Byrne of Brad Byrne Complete Lawn Maintenance to provide a letter of testimony regarding his core competencies as a landscaper. I accepted this request without hesitation. I did so because of my relationship with him and his company.

I originally met Mr. Byrne some fifteen years ago and asked him to replace my landscaper. I was not pleased with the performance of the landscaper I had and I set some very high demands for Brad and his company. Little did I know that He would step fast to the challenges of all my wants and needs with both his muscle and knowledge.

Brad has performed many tasks for me over the years. Some of these would include the basics of a typical landscaper such as grass cutting, hedge trimming, bed clearing, plant and brush removal, mulching and some light tree trimming work. However my demands on Brad grew into stone wall reconstruction, framing of new construction, drywall installation, kitchen remodeling, suspended deck removal and reconstruction, crown molding installation, tree removal and replanting, painting, flagstone patios, snow removal, light electrical work, plumbing, cobble stone bordering for my driveways, landscape tie installation, fence installation and just about anything that I asked. I trust that you get the message. He does it all. Not just what I ask him to do, but he brings his practical experience and a depth of knowledge unequaled by any other landscaper I have encountered.

Brad has worked closely with me over the years improving my many properties that I have bought and sold. He has lent his expertise to improving the curb appeal of my properties so that they would grab the attention of potential buyers. “He puts the sizzle on the steak” need I say more?

I have always had positive results and interactions when working with Brad. He has helped me to increase the value of my homes with minimal financial outlay, he works until the job is done and he is there when you need him. Try finding that in abundance today.

I speak with authority when I recommend Brad to you. I have been a licensed Realtor since 1982 and a multi-line insurance broker since 1987. Please feel free to contact me or to arrange a visit to see some of the fine work Brad has done for me.

T. Christopher Sheetz

Our entire back yard flooded when it rained. There is a hill which slopes down towards us on one side from the property next door, and on the other side is a hill in our own yard which allowed water to flow down towards the center of our property in the back. This left not just pools of water in the yard but also up against the house itself. The fence around the property had rotted and was literally falling apart as was an old shed. Weeds and ivy had gotten out of control and overrun the back edge of the yard. We knew the place needed a complete overhaul. The yard needed to be graded so that water drained properly, the old shed torn down, a tree needed to be removed, the fence needed to be replaced, and the cement patio had to be broken up and re-poured. My wife suggested that the first thing I should do is talk to Brad Byrne who had been cutting our grass for 7 years. After telling Brad what I was looking to have done he told me that they did this kind of work. In the years that I had been dealing with Brad I found him to be honest and conscientious.

We hired Brad to do the work. He came to the house and spent time with us explaining how they would go about the job, and asking about specific things that we did or did not want done. He took measurements and wrote up the plan. He gave me a price and we sealed the deal with a handshake. My wife and I could not be more pleased. Water build up is no longer a problem, and we again have a beautiful yard.

These guys were hard working and conscientious as well as polite. They created a base on which to set the new shed, and had a new patio poured as well. I would recommend that anyone seeking to have any work done outside to first call Brad. You can be assured of having an honest, hard working and knowledgeable crew helping you achieve your goals.

Brian Warshaw